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Ricardinho: “The NBA must be futsal’s model”


Just beside Falcao, futsal’s World has another incredible magician who works day by day to transform the sport into an awesome show. Ricardinho, as XTF showed in his FUTS’ALL episode III, has always named Falcao as his role model and has gone as far as having a tattoo with the words ‘Falcao number 1’ on his calf.

It could be argued that Ricardinho has even superseded his idol with some of his plays, but what’s obvious is that the Portuguese winger has demonstrated the importance of individual technical ability in futsal.

Since he joined Movistar Inter (2013), probably the most successful club ever, Ricardinho’s performances increased the attendances and the media coverage in the Spanish league. For sure this is an important aspect for a sport that desperately needs to develop and attract investment.

This week, Movistar added a new achievement on his succesful CV: they qualify for his third in-a-row UEFA Futsal Cup Final Four after beating SC Braga (7-0), FC Deva (2-1) and Kairat (3-5). As usually, Ricardinho was the leader of the Spaniards.

For these polio survivors, the sport has become a source of strength and freedom.


Futsal legend, Movistar Inter

“We are an unrepeatable team, which has won eleven titles in four years and wants to continue making history”, the winger told As. Last season, Movistar won three major trophies (League, Spanish Cup and UEFA Futsal Cup), and this year they could improve their results.

According to Ricardinho, futsal must follow a very defined game plane to keep growing. “We must define what we want to be. We can’t look like football. Our model could be the NBA, because is a sport which is selling show. Futsal is the same, because is based on goals, dribbling, comebacks in the last second…We know that it’s an awesome product”, the Portuguese giant added. When O’Magico talks, everyone should listen!

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