Ferrao: futsal Fenomeno – PORTRAIT OF THE DAY #8


Because of his style, Ferrao is compared with Ronaldo ‘El Fenomeno’. He is a Brazilian futsal footballer who performs for FC Barcelona.

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Vivianne Miedema: the quiet goal machine – QUEENS #8

This is Vivinne Miedema: the quiet goal machine. The Dutch footballer made her professional debut at 15, scoring 39 goals for Heerenveen. The striker has won the Women’s Euro, and inherited her Feyenoord obsession from her mother. If you need goals, just call Vivianne!

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Cristiano or Messi: who has the best free-kick?

Thanks to his free-kick goal, Cristiano became the oldest player to score a hat-trick in World Cup history. Is he better than Messi in free-kicks?

Deyna Castellanos: the chosen – PORTRAIT OF THE DAY #97

Which young prospect will dominate women’s football? Deyna Castellanos: the chosen. The Venezuelan has 1 million followers on social media!

Iceland captain has the best tattoo at the World Cup

Iceland player Aron Gunnarsson, who plays for Premier League side Cardiff City, revealed the meaning behind his incredible back tattoo.

Messi: the power of Captain America – PORTRAIT OF THE DAY #96

Which superhero would be Messi in a Marvel film? We’ve got the answer: Leo is Captain America! Enjoy with this awesome portrait!

Asensio or Gerrard: back to back players – BALLERS #2

Having just turned 22-years-old, it seems that Marco Asensio has a very bright future ahead of him. May Asensio perform like Steven Gerrard? Former Liverpool legend broke into Anfield and became a leader. He scored goals and changed games in a split-second. Will Asensio surpass Gerrard’s talent?

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Real’s power vs Lakers dynasty – RUN-UP SOCCER VS NBA #2

We are back! The second chapter of Run-up duels between soccer clubs and NBA teams is gonna be awesome! In today’s episode you could enjoy a great battle: Real Madrid vs Los Angeles Lakers! Who will win? Kobe or CR7?

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Mbappe: the magic Donatello of PSG – PORTRAIT OF THE DAY #95

Breaking news! The world is in danger and needs the Football Avengers help! In the third episode of the saga, Mbappe rescues us using Donatello skills.

Andres Iniesta: the quiet genius – 10 REASONS WHY #2

Iniesta is the most awarded Spanish player of all time: 32 major trophies. He paid tribute to Dani Jarque after scoring the 2010 World Cup winner. All this reasons make Iniesta a real hero!

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Ronaldinho: playing with Salsa tempo – CHIMBA FC #1

Ronaldinho’s genius became evident while he was still a child. Apart from dribble, the Brazilian was the King dancing with the ball. This is Chimba FC, a new show which mixes dancing, music and football.

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