Tottenham vs Arsenal: the North London derby – DERBY #4


Since 1909, there have been 181 meetings between Tottenham and Arsenal. Would you like to know all the secrets of the North London derby? Enjoy XTF’s Derby #4 show!

Coutinho: the humble kid who turned into a star – 10 REASONS WHY #5

Coutinho has the personality to succeed: the humility to play second fiddle to Messi but the confidence to change games when others are floundering. Here: 10 reasons to love him!

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Mahrez: Algerian flow in the Premier League – CHIMBA FC #5

Mahrez is the new City star! He joins the Cityzens from Leicester. In this episode, we’ll try to show how the Algerian is able to dance with the ball.

Liverpool vs Spurs: two clubs one style – RUN-UP SOCCER VS NBA #6

Soccer vs NBA! Run-up is here again with an awesome duel between Liverpool and San Antonio Spurs. Salah’s mates versus Ginobili’s power! Who wins?

Christine Sinclair: the Canadian torpedo – QUEENS #10

An accurate finisher and a highly prolific forward… This is Christine Sinclair: Canada’s greatest player. She is the top active goalscorer in history!

Lampard vs Dele Alli: the real British playmakers – BALLERS #5

Which British player is destined to occupy Lampard’s leadership in the national squad? Dele Alli has the talent and the personality to replace the former Chelsea legend. Who is better?

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Iniesta: the best Mago of this era – PORTRAIT OF THE DAY #103

Iniesta is the most awarded Spanish player of all time: 32 major trophies. With no doubt, people talk about him as the best Mago of his era!

Maradona: the real football showman – CHIMBA FC #4

A short but fearless midfielder renowned for his ability to create scoring chances, Maradona led every team he played for. The best Diego is here. Ready?

Modric: from war to Golden Ball – 10 REASONS WHY #4

Modric has been a giant in the 2018 World Cup, leading Croatia to the final, and being awarded with the Golden Ball. Here is the story of a little genius!

Miedema: Netherlands new queen – PORTRAIT OF THE DAY #101

This is Vivianne Miedema: the quiet goal machine. Born in 1996, the new Netherlands queen has been successful playing for Bayern and Arsenal!

Santi Cazorla returns to the field 636 days later!

An injury nightmare finally came to an end for Santi Cazorla as the playmaker made his first appearance in a match for almost two years.

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